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Rideshare, Uber, & Lyft Accidents

Rideshare services have become commonplace in our daily lives. Uber & Lyft are meant to make

getting where you need to go more convenient. Nobody expects to be involved in a motor vehicle

accident when they call for a ride, but once you are picked up you are at the mercy of the Uber or Lyft

driver behind the wheel. When one of these drivers causes an accident where you suffer an injury, both

the driver and the rideshare service must be held responsible. Its important to take some of the

following precautions after an accident occurs in order to be sure you protect yourself.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

It is important that you seek medical attention when you are injured. Don’t assume that the

pain is going to go away by itself. Seeking immediate medical attention when needed can make a

difference in your physical recovery and your case. Uber or Lyft’s insurance company may point to the

lack of medical treatment as evidence that you weren’t hurt. Cutting this accusation off by going to the

doctor can make a big difference.

Don’t Leave the Scene of the Accident

Dial 911 yourself, don’t wait for the Uber or Lyft driver to make the call. Do not allow your

driver to leave the scene of the accident. Answer any questions the responding emergency personnel

may have for you honestly and to the best of your ability.

Notify the Rideshare Service About the Accident, But Don’t Give a Statement or Sign Anything

You should notify the rideshare service about the accident as soon as possible. This can be done

through the app you used to call for the ride. A representative may then try and contact you to get

more details either through the app or over the phone, but consult with an attorney before providing

details beyond the date, time and location of the accident. Remember, Uber and Lyft’s first priority is

protecting themselves and their driver, they are not necessarily looking out for your best interest.

Waiting to consult with an attorney ensures that the right decisions can be made as to how you should


Don’t Accept Payment Without Legal Assistance

If a rideshare service or their insurance company sends you a check following your accident, do

not cash or deposit it without first talking to an attorney. Doing so may limit your ability to recover for

all of the harms suffered as a result of their driver’s actions.

Keep Medical Records, But Don’t Share Them With Anyone

Consult an attorney before signing any authorization or other document that would allow

anyone to obtain your medical records or speak with your doctors without your further knowledge or


Consult Us Immediately for Legal Representation

McDevitt Law Offices is here to help. Our immediate response team is available to help you take

the necessary steps to gather all of the important evidence related to your accident. Our attorneys can

answer any question you may have related to your personal injury claim and can help you receive the

maximum amount of financial damages you are entitled to. Please call and be connected to an attorney

right away to discuss the details of your case and how the specific legal issues brought about by the circumstances of your case should be handled.