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Construction Accidents

Chicago Construction Accident Attorneys

Injuries on construction sites are often the most serious injury cases that lawyers handle. General and subcontractors have responsibilities that impact the safety of employees on the project as well as the safety of motorists and others who have to travel through the work zone. These responsibilities include the administration of safety programs, regular inspections of the work site, maintenance of equipment and coordination of work among various trades and subcontractors in a safe manner. These cases may also involve the failure to properly direct traffic, the failure to establish a safe work zone or the failure to identify and remedy hazards on site.

McDevitt Law Offices, P.C. has been involved in a wide range of construction accident cases. We have handled cases that involve contractors failing to properly supervise their employees on the job site, general contractors failing to coordinate the work among trades, the failure to remedy a dangerous condition at the conclusion of the work day and a variety of other settings. Cases that involve injury on a construction project typically involve significant investigation and often require litigation. Many construction sites involve contracts between general and subcontractors which detail the safety responsibilities of each. Contracts, standard and supplemental specifications, IDOT memos and other publications must also be obtained and reviewed regarding the individual project. Depositions of project superintendents, engineers, foremen, laborers and others involved in the project are often needed to better understand and define who was responsible for the injuries suffered. McDevitt Law Offices, P.C. has experience assessing these issues on behalf of our clients so that they recover the compensation they deserve.

The injuries suffered on a construction site are often severe. The medical expenses associated with these injuries can be high and the lost earnings that many workers suffer are also a challenge for them and their families. McDevitt Law Offices, P.C. has experience representing injured workers on a construction site and we are dedicated to serving our clients in and around Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois. If you have suffered injury as the result of an accident on a construction site and require legal assistance, our firm is available to help. Please contact our office at 312-757-8046 for a free case evaluation.